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Enjoy our authentic Mediterranean specialities in our restaurant in the centre of Breda. Start with a starter or tapas or choose one of the tagine dishes. Besides, there are plenty of delicious grilled dishes, tasty pastas and burgers on our menu. Take a look at our menu below.

Allergy? Please let us know so we can take this into account!

All our meat dishes are halal


Cold starters

Herb butter baguette, €4,50 V
Warm bread with homemade herb butter

Tapenade di Olive, €5,50 V
Homemade spread of olives and various spices served with bread

Salata Maghreb, €6,00 V
A fresh Moroccan salad

Salata Arabia, €7,50 V
A sweet salad with various vegetables, feta cheese, pieces of dates with homemade dressing

Insalata Greca, €6,50 V
A Greek salad with various vegetables, feta cheese and a homemade dressing

Hawaii Crispy Chicken salade, €6,50
A salad with various vegetables, crispy chicken, pineapple and a homemade dressing

Fish dishes

Salata Andalous, €7,50
A fresh salad with various vegetables, fruit, prawns, surimi and elmijas with homemade dressing

Warm starters

Harira, €5,50
Homemade Moroccan soup with veal, dates, lemon and bread

Chicken spring rolls, €6.50
Stuffed with Moroccan spiced chicken breast and vegetables

Chicken Chunks, €6,00
Deep fried chicken breast pieces in a crispy jacket

Fish dishes

Fish soup, €6,50
A slightly spicy homemade fish soup with fresh herbs and fish

Gamba croquettes, €7,50
Delicate croquettes filled with ragouts and rolled in crumbs of toasted bread, served with a homemade sauce

Calamares, €7,50
Squid rings breaded and fried with a delicious homemade sauce

Pil Pil, €9,50 
Prawns prepared in Spanish style in garlic and pepper

Pil Pil a la Andalous, €9,50 
Prawns in a homemade sauce with garlic, tomato, lemon and fresh herbs

Tempura Shrimp, €7,50
Shrimps wrapped in filo pastry served with a homemade tartar sauce

Scallops Marinara, €12,50
Scallops in a homemade fish sauce

Langostino à la Parilla, €14,50
Grilled shrimp scampi

Mejillones Marina, €14,50
Mussels prepared in a Spanish way in homemade marinade

Tortilla el Scampi, €9,50
Potato pie with shrimp scampi in Mediterranean herbs


Main courses*

Filet De Pollo A La Parrilla, €16,50
Grilled marinated chicken breast with grilled vegetables and mushroom sauce

Liefie Chicken, €16,50
Rice dish with pieces of chicken and various vegetables in a sweet sauce

Chicken Satay, €16,50
Grilled marinated chicken skewers with grilled vegetables and satay sauce

Vol au Vent, €18,50
Stuffed patties with a homemade chicken ragout served with rice and salad

Black Angus tenderloin, €26,50
Grilled tenderloin with pepper cream or mushroom sauce and grilled vegetables

T-bone Steak, €22,50
Grilled T-bone steak with grilled vegetables and mushroom sauce

Spare Ribs, €20,50
Tender veal ribs topped with barbecue sauce

Lamb cutlets, €21.50
Grilled marinated lamb chops with grilled vegetables and charmilla sauce

Mixed Grill Andalous, €23,50 (1 pers.) / €43,50 (2 pers.)
Mix of grilled T-bone steak, lamb chop, Moroccan kefta, chicken breast served with charmilla sauce for dipping

Tajine Al Hoceima, €17,50
Traditional Moroccan chicken tajine with fries, bread, various vegetables, olives, a boiled egg with caramelised sultanas and onion

Tajine Marrakesh, €18,50
Traditional Moroccan lamb tagine with fries, bread and various vegetables with apricots and prunes

Couscous Al Hoceima, €17,50 (only on Friday)
Ground Moroccan couscous with chicken, various vegetables and caramelised sultanas and onion, topped with tajine sauce

Couscous Marrakesh, €18,50 (only on Friday)
Ground Moroccan couscous with lamb, various vegetables and apricots and prunes

Fish dishes

Salmon fillet, €19.50
Grilled salmon fillet on the skin with homemade tomato sauce on a bed of grilled vegetables

Sea bass, €19.50
Sea bass fillet grilled on the skin with vegetables and a homemade tarragon sauce

Sweet scampi, €16,50
Rice dish with scampi in a sweet sauce with various vegetables

Tajine Salmon, €21,50
Moroccan tagine with salmon in special paprika sauce

Casula de Mari, €21,50
Stew with pieces of salmon, chicken fillet, langoustine shrimp and vegetables in a homemade sauce with bread

Paella, €17,50
Spanish-style paella with vegetables, garlic, prawns, calamari, mussels and salmon

Langosta al Vapor, €39,50
Lobster in a homemade sauce served with fries and salad

Mixed Grill Lobster, €41,50 (1 pers.) / €79,50 (2 pers.)
Mix of lobster, tiger prawns, tenderloin and chicken fillet

* You can choose fries, mashed potatoes or rice with all our dishes (except the sweet scampi, tagine and couscous dishes)
* All our meat dishes are halal


Pasta salmon, €14.50
Pasta with salmon, spinach and various vegetables in a creamy white sauce

Pasta funghi , €9,50 V
Delicious creamy vegetarian pasta with mushrooms and onions

Pasta bolognese, €11,00
Classic pasta with spiced minced beef in tomato sauce with basil

Pasta pollo Pesto, €11,50
Pasta with pieces of chicken and vegetables in a creamy pesto sauce

Pasta al Scampi, €14,50
Pasta with shrimps and vegetables in a creamy sauce

Pasta Veggie Pesto, 9,50 V
Pasta with various vegetables in a creamy pesto sauce

Grated cheese, €1,00


Kipburger hot & spicy, €6,50
Spicy chicken burger with cheddar and garnish of the house

Grillburger Andalous, €6,50
Grilled burger with cheddar and home garnish

Side dishes

Fries, €3.50

Mashed potatoes, €3.50

Grilled vegetables, €4,00

Turkish rice, €3,50

Baguette, €2,50

Mushroom sauce, €3,50

Satay sauce, €3,50

Kids menu

Spaghetti Bolognese, €11,00
Classic pasta with spiced minced beef in tomato sauce with basil

Chicken Chunks, €9,50
Deep fried pieces of chicken breast in a crispy jacket served with fries

Gamba croquettes, €11,00
Shrimp croquette served with fries

Calamares, €11,00
Squid rings served with fries

Tempura Shrimp, €11,00
Tempura prawns coated in filo pastry served with a homemade tartar sauce and fries


Baklava, €6,50
Turkish filo pastry with a filling of nuts served with ice cream and various fruits

Natillas Caseras, €6,50
Homemade Spanish pudding topped with a biscuit and cinnamon

Twix Cheesecake, €5,50
Homemade Twix cheesecake with a topping of caramel sauce and Twix pieces

Lemon cake, €5,50
Homemade cake with a sponge cake base and a soft fresh-sweet lemon filling

Hot drinks

Mint tea, €2,75

Tea, €2,75

Coffee, €2,75

Cafe au lait, €2,75

Cappuccino, €2,75

Espresso, €2,75

Teapot Mint Big, €8,50

Cold Drinks and Mocktails

Coca Cola, €2,75

Coca Cola Zero, €2,75

Fanta, €2,75

Fanta Cassis, €2,75

Ice Tea, €2,75

Ice Tea Green, €2,75

AA Drink, €2,75

Ginger Ale, €2,75

Red Bull, €2,75

Bitter lemon, €2,75

Spa Blue, €2,75

Spa Red, €2,75

Apple Juice, €2,75

Poms, €2,75

Hawaii, €2,75

Chocolate Milk, €2,75

Fristi, €2,75

Tonic, €2,75

Passion Star Martini, €7,00

Virgin Mojito Clasic, €5,75

Strawberry Mojito Moctail, €5,75